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Our Commercial Plumbing Services in Key West & The Florida Keys

Pre-Construction Plumbing Services

  • Planning
  • Design & Build

Construction Services

  • Fabrication
  • Buildout

Post-Construction Services

  • Close Out Documentation
  • Warranty

New Construction Plumbing & Renovation Plumbing Services

Gary’s Plumbing & Fire, Inc., is here to assist you in various aspects of plumbing construction services; planning & design of plumbing for new construction projects, renovations, underground utilities, water main installation or extensive remodeling, you can rely on the experience of Gary’s Plumbing & Fire, Inc., to deliver professional results.

We’ve overseen multiple new constructions of businesses and homes throughout Key West and The Florida Keys. We’re also happy to handle residential remodeling or renovation projects on our own or work hand in hand with general contractors.


Our Florida Keys commercial plumbers are standing by to help you with all your commercial plumbing needs.* Trust our experience and let us support you and take care of all your new construction plumbing projects.

Whether you own a restaurant, work in a multi housing unit, or need a new construction plumbing contractor. Give Gary’s Plumbing & Fire, Inc., a call and get a commercial plumbing services quote.


*Commercial Contracting Services available from Marathon through Key West.