Garbage Disposal Services Florida Keys

Garbage Disposal Installation, Repair & Replacement 

Providing Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Are you having trouble with your garbage disposal? or seeking options to convert you sink to include a garbage disposal? The professionals at Gary’s Plumbing & Fire, Inc., are here to help. Whether for a quick sink garbage disposal repair or a new garbage disposal installation our plumbing professionals will be able to assist you.

A kitchen garbage disposal is a great convenience, and even helps keep the sink from clogging. But it can clog and break down itself over time or with misuse. Below are some tips on dealing with problems yourself, and when it might be better to bring in a pro. Whenever that’s the case, give us a call. You’ll save time and won’t be taking any risks, and will have the peace of mind from knowing the task will be completed properly.

Lower Florida Keys & Key West Disposal Repair

Our professional plumbers are ready to assist you with leaks as well as stubborn jams and clogs. We can replace damaged blades and handle other kitchen disposal repairs. Sometimes it’s better to replace the garbage disposal all together. That would be the case for an older unit that is rusting, if the motor is dead, or if repairs would simply be too expensive. Our professional plumbers will perform an inspection, explain what they find, and then let you decide. Just remember, sometimes a garbage disposal simply can’t be repaired; depending on age or misuse and in same cases when they were previously installed or wired incorrectly.

Florida Keys Garbage Disposal Installation

We’re experienced and fully qualified for garbage disposal installation and all types of garbage disposal repair. We have been providing professional plumbing services in Key West and The Florida Keys for over 30 years. In fact, we’re certified experts in all aspects of residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing.

Our fleet of fully equipped vans can be at your home or business quickly, and we’ll keep costs low through our fast and efficient work. Just give us a call, whether you need to install a garbage disposal or need a garbage disposal repair.* (For New Construction Projects-We Service the Middle Keys to Key West. For Replacement and Repairs-We Service The Lower Keys Summerland to Key West)

*Commercial/New Construction Plumbing-Design & Build Services; Provided in Marathon to Key West.  Generator Services;  Provided in Key Largo to Key West. General Plumbing Service Calls & Repairs; Provided in Summerland to Key West. Fire Protection Services; Provided to the entire Florida Keys-Key Largo to Key West.