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Waterline Repair & Replacement In Key West and The Florida Keys

Water Line Replacement – Rerouting – Repiping

Water Line Repair In The Florida Keys*

​Leaks can appear in water lines behind walls, in ceilings, and underneath the slab foundation. It is important to hire a licensed expert to accurately diagnose the cause.

​At Gary’s Plumbing & Fire, Inc. we will make repairs with minimal intrusion. Some repairs on copper require specialty skills such as soldering. It is important to hire professional plumbers you can trust to protect your property.

​If the need arises to expose walls or ceilings, we will set up proper containments.

 Slab Leaks are leaks in the water line underneath the foundation. They can occur due to excessive water pressure and friction or with age. Eventually pinhole leaks will appear and require highly specialized location. If it is misdiagnosed, it can result in higher costs and damage.

Direct repair is often the least expensive and most often covered by insurance. However, direct repairs only solve the immediate leak. It is highly likely once a slab leak occurs, more will appear. It is best to have a certified plumber inspect the severity of the leak and form a plan as to what is best to repair the issue.

*Commercial/Construction Plumbing-Design & Build Services; Provided in Marathon to Key West.  Generator Services;  Provided in Key Largo to Key West. General Plumbing Service Calls & Repairs; Provided in Summerland to Key West. Fire Protection Services; Provided to the entire Florida Keys-Key Largo to Key West. 

Some indications you may have a leak include:

  • Signs of moisture near baseboards

  • Active dripping at faucets or water heaters

  • Mildew or mold growth

  • Discoloration on ceilings

  • Excessive water bills

  • Sounds of water running when no taps are in use

  • Warm tiles or damp carpeting

Water Line Replacement – Rerouting – Repiping

When poor quality pipes are weakened, or are experiencing common leaks, direct repair may not be the perfect solution. For permanent and long lasting options, Gary’s Plumbing & Fire, Inc. recommends rerouting or repiping the water lines in your Florida Keys home.

Repiping the lines removes damaged water lines by replacing them with high quality supply pipes. Our team is highly skilled and can repipe a home efficiently, and to the highest standards in the industry.

We only use high quality materials and perform all work safely.

For expert water leak repair and replacement in Key West and The Florida Keys, call Gary’s Plumbing & Fire, Inc.