Islamorada Fire Protection Plumbing Services

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Gary’s Plumbing and Fire – Islamorada Fire Protection Plumbing Services

Gary’s Plumbing and Fire, Inc. provides Fire Protection Plumbing/Sprinkler System Services; Fire Hydrant/Fire Main installations throughout the entire Florida Keys & Key West. And provides Plumbing Contracting Services for both residential and commercial customers from Marathon to Key West.

24/7 Emergency Plumber in Islamorada

With Gary’s Plumbing and Fire as your fast and responsive on call plumbing service, our skilled plumbing technicians are ready to help with round the clock emergency service, at your home or business. No Plumbing Problem Is Too Big. Many problems can arise with your plumbing system. Whether it’s corroded pipes that spring a sudden leak, septic systems that unexpectedly back up or leak into your yard- there are a dozen different plumbing emergencies that can arise when you least expect it. Whatever your issue, we have the equipment and the expertise to fix it, guaranteed.

Here are just a few of the emergencies we will respond to in Islamorada.

  • Fire Main Installation
  • Fire Pump Installation
  • Fire Hydrant Installation
  • Fire Risers
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Sprinkler System Inspection
  • Back Flow Prevention Testing & Certification
  • Plans/Design and Build Out Of Entire Fire Protection System
  • And much more

Gary’s Plumbing and Fire, Inc. is a fully licensed and bonded contractor and has been servicing the Florida Keys for over 30 years! 

We are State Certified in NFPA 25 inspections & testing for compliance. With Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspections are not only required but also assure your equipment is in working order in case the unthinkable may occur. Inspections can also detect flaws in aged systems, to allow for routine repairs/maintenance.